Internethings #6

BuzzFeed has its list of 24 Best Fiction Books of 2014 and I haven’t read a single one, while the annualGoodReads Choice Award winners have also been announced, of which I’ve read two books. Meh.

Anyway… 2014 was apparently the year of debut authors.

Speaking of best of 2014 though, here are 29 Best Moments for Women in 2014, which makes me really happy for obvious reasons.

This dog is very very happy to meet its owner after two years.

Todoist is now a channel on IFTTT and while I haven’t explored it much, I’m excited about it. I might be slightly obsessed with Todoist. I still need to organize it better though. Proper filters, for example.

Which brings me to this article about why we obsess over things.

Speaking of obsessions, I still haven’t figured out the best productivity system for me, but scheduling emotional margins seems like an important thing to do.

What I really should be obsessing over is how to become more of a morning person. Maybe this article can help?

Internethings #5

Yes, yes, at this rate it looks like all I’ll ever get up on this blog are these internethings posts, but hey, there are so many interesting things on the internet and these lists are fun and easy to compile!

I’ve always been a little bit of a productivity system addict — and I’ve yet to find the perfect one. My usual pattern is I’ll get overwhelmed and start researching, find a bunch of stuff that looks cool/doable and pledge to do it but end up ditching it a few weeks after… *shrug* Anyway, my latest finds include the Bullet Journal, the Passion Planner, and the Spark Notebook. I ended up backing this last one (mainly to get my hand on the full PDF) — which kinda fulfills a life list item I have: backing up a KickStarter. LOL. As for my productivity system, a different blogpost is due (!)

Speaking of KickStarter, I really wish I could back (and get my hands on) the Fugu Luggage, which is basically the best creation in travel gear I’ve seen so far. Meanwhile, it suddenly dawned on me today that Christmas is near (apparently daily advent reading is not enough for my mind), which reminds me of nativity scenes. I kinda collect them… and I’m unsure if this minimal nativity set is crazy or genius!

As mentioned earlier, I just went on a bit of productivity panic browsing, which usually ends up at LifeHacker. I love more than half of their latest most popular posts wrap-up (guess which ones?).

Yesterday’s lazy girl recipes included a mug cake recipe which lead me to find the dangerous paradise of Kirbie Cravings mug cakes (aka 5-minute-single-serving-microwave-cakes). I’ve made three so far, all incredibly delicious. This reminds me that I used to love making french toast in a mug and chocolate chip cookie in a cup. Also, here’s a list of more things you can make in a mug.



Internethings #4

Welcome to the fourth edition of Internethings, where I link to interesting/precious findings on the world wide web. This time around it’s going to be ridiculously random, because why not.

First, some facts about twins, that basically makes me mourn not having a twin and/or wish I will give birth to twins one day.

This article on lazy food hacks made me hungry. And this rice cooker pancake is an official bucket list item, except I might just do it tomorrow. While I’m at this, cakes in an egg is going on the bucket list as well. Also, I’m going to memorize and put this knowledge of the perfect chocolate chip cookie into practice someday soon.

Enough about food, Pentatonix has a Christmas album and it’s definitely time to listen to Christmas songs.

Here’s an interesting infographic surveying 21 Female Disney Characters. I have to say I’m quite appalled at the thought that the princesses are mostly below 20, and they GET MARRIED at the end of the movie. Isn’t that WAY too young?

Meanwhile, this Women’s Creed is quite powerful.

How to parallel park. Something I still haven’t quite managed to do perfectly, but I’m definitely getting there.

I’m unsure about this new government policy on blowing up foreign ships stealing our country’s fish for a couple of reasons: 1. environmental concerns, and 2. what if this was the only livelihood of the poor fishermen? On the other hand of course, they’re stealing, and there are poor local fishermen suffering because of that. Hmm?


The above image comes from a BuzzFeed article about a girl getting a surprise Disneyland visit, starts crying, and her sister’s reaction, that BuzzFeed claims (and I agree) to be the universal reaction gif.

Lastly, this project of rewriting first lines of novels for this day and age is quite interesting, but my absolute favorite is this one from Pride and Prejudice:


Internethings #3

Technically this was supposed to be number four, but I somehow lost the third one upon saving, so I decided to simply include some of the links from the third edition here.

First thing first, today, December 1, is World AIDS Day. Learn to distinguish the myths from the facts.

Also, every first of the month is time to #fastfortheclimate. Today is expected to be the biggest climate fast day yet.

Meanwhile, yesterday was the first Advent Sunday, and I kinda sorta wish I had an advent calendar. One of my favorite things online around advent though, is photo challenges. There are several prompts floating around this year, but I’m going with this one.

In other news, apparently multilinguals have multiple personalities but it’s not a personality disorder. BTW, CrashCourse videos are awesome, and their latest one is on Luther and the Protestant Reformation. Also, this post on unique restaurants in Bali really make me want to go there. Ho-hum.

Internethings #2

So it’s day three of the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence. FACT: One in three women have experienced physical or sexual violence from partner. More facts in this infographic and this list.

FACT: Gender-Based violence is NOT just about rape or other physical violences. It’s also about awful stereotyping. Like the Barbie book that teaches girls that boys are better at computers (UGH!). Luckily the internet got back at it quickly. #FeministHackerBarbie FTW!

Seriously though: what awful things society teaches girls that we are completely oblivious about! The Honest Trailer take on The Little Mermaid really hit hard.

Also, our vice-president just proposed that women should have less working hours so that they would have more time with their children. Because apparently women are supposed to work AND take care of their children (and clean the house and make coffee for their husband when he finally comes home, no matter what time that would be). Sigh. I ought to write a whole rant on this one.

In other news, our first daughter shunned special treatment in the civil service exams, which is great.

And for a random link: Hidden Spaces, an art project that showcases the space that famous painting figures occupy. Hmm.

Internethings #1

Things I found or articles I read today that are interesting:

FSU Student Saved by the Books — a gunman opened fire at Florida State University on Thursday, killing three people. One student avoided being killed because the bullet hit his books instead.

Ladybird Drops Gender Labeling for Books — because stories should be for everyone!

#MyJesusProject — this blogger plans to spend between 14 and 18 months figuring out what it seriously means to follow Jesus in our 21st century western world. Hmm.

TasteKid — a website that recommends books, TV series, movies, authors based on something else you like.

Also, today marks the beginning of the 16 days of activism against gender based violence, so a lot of things are happening on the web around that. The UN campaign is #OrangeUrHood. There’s a prayer and action resource by the We Will Speak Out Coalition. The World YWCA campaigns for #NoXCuses, which the WCC is also taking up. With regards of this theme, I found this quote by Margaret Atwood to be appropriate:


Project: Re-Start!

Well, I’m turning 30 in six days. SIX days. That’s less than a week. It’s difficult to fathom. I’ve been thinking about it a lot in the last few days. Part of me wants to say “whatever, it’s just another birthday,” while another part is anxious about it. This second part wants my 30th birthday to be extra special, and it wants it to be the beginning of the best decade yet.

The second part is winning.

And so, first and foremost, I’ve decided that it’s time to get out of my blogging hibernation. It’s time to get back in “the game”, despite the challenges that that might present (at the moment of writing this, I am neglecting two group papers, two reports, and three articles).

This morning when I thought about going back to blogging, I realized that I once created a special layout to celebrate my birthday on my blog which was at that time on pitas. That particular layout was for my 17th birthday. Which means that was 13 years ago. Which made me feel old. Other than making me feel old though, it made me realize that I was blogging way before blogging was cool.

Yet, instead of being a professional blogger (something I still feel like aiming to be), all my blogs (yes, I have several) have been on a long hiatus. On a side note, before the long hiatuses, there was a lot of moving around too, which is probably the reason why I don’t have a thousand readers at the moment. Not that I would ever do, of course, but it’s nice to dream about it.

Anyway, as I said, it’s time to get back to blogging, a re-start so to say, and this time I hope I won’t stop.

I’ve been hesitating about getting this post up, thinking that maybe I ought to do proper housekeeping first, which is something I’ve been trying to do for the last six months or so. It’s too hard! So, I decided to just go ahead. I will change things along the way, or not.

Bear with me, it’s going to be a bumpy but awesome ride!