My Pencil Case, loaded for a new semester!

Based on this post on school supplies, here’s what I packed into my pencil case for this upcoming semester:

Pencils, 2 mechanical ones along with extra lead (0.5, 2B) and an eraser. I initially wanted to pack a ‘traditional’ pencil as well but figured it was too much of a hassle.

Pens, in blue, black and red, as well as an extra blue gel pen that I love.

Correction pen, as well as a small cute correction tape.

Highlighters, in purple cause it’s my colour coding system for my college works, and in fluorescent yellow cause traditional is always best.

Whiteboard Marker, in black cause it always comes in handy and black is the best to read on the board.

Ruler, self explanatory.

A pack of coloured pencils, cause I like to decorate my notes.

A mini stapler with extra staples and some paper clips, because they come in handy too.

I also put my student ID as well as library card in the case along with some spare cash just in case, and I have a marking flag post-it keychain hanged to the pencil case.

I’m pretty sure I’ve got my stationery grounds covered 😉

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