(I left my heart) In Vienna

I didn’t do it on purpose
Of that at least I’m certain
But when then did it actually happen?

Did the cat perhaps steal it
While napping on my lap?

Or perhaps I might’ve dropped it
On my long walk around the first district
Maybe when I crossed to fourth

I could’ve easily lost sight of it
With the sun shining bright
And buildings glimmering with light

Maybe it fell on the steps leading up the hill of Bellevue
Or perhaps the wind had blown it away
While we were walking through the gardens of Schönbrunn
Talking about the past and sharing our future plans

Could I have misplaced it somewhere in your room?
Did I store it in a locker
While visiting museums?

Perhaps it simply slipped away
Distracted by your uncanny smile
Or delighted with the food you made

Maybe it happened in a restaurant
Though most likely somewhere on the Bahn

I wonder if it was still with me
When I took countless random photos here and there
Or did it already drown in the third glass of drink you poured me
At the party the night before?

Was it with me at the club?
When we twirled did it get dizzy?

Maybe it had faded away
With the smoke of your tenth cigarette of the day

Perhaps it simply forgot to go to bed
Caught in the endless stream of chit chats
More friends to make, more names to remember
As another day goes by
On the steps of Museums Quartier

I guess it could’ve decided to stay in your embrace
Or maybe it was too early when I left

Perhaps it simply wanted to wait with you
As you watched the bus turn out of sight

Somehow I left my heart in Vienna

If you ever find it
Please keep it safe

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