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It’s been too long since I posted something proper here. Well, my little novel (not yet done, I know) is proper, of course… but I mean something that tells more about my life and my experiences… maybe with some insights and reflections. After all, that’s what this blog is supposed to be about. Sort of like my diary, but only the parts I would like to share with the world 😉

So anyway, here I am in Indonesia. As you might (or might not) know, I’ve been living in Geneva, Switzerland for the last eight months, but I came back to Indonesia on the 2nd of May on a business trip (as cool as that sounds, I have to admit I wish I didn’t have to do this trip, but that’s a long story).

From the 4th to the 8th, I attended the National Consultation on Mission held jointly by the WCRC, the CCA (Christian Council of Asia) and the CCI (Church Council of Indonesia) in Jakarta. On the 9th, I flew to Medan to take part in the Executive Committee meeting of the WCRC held in Berastagi, North Sumatera, between the 10th and today.

Despite missing Geneva like crazy, I have to say the experience has been a great one for me. First of all it was an opportunity to engage with so many people who are leaders (or future leaders) of their churches. To listen to the discussions, to be an “insider” to some issues that people on this level are talking about, that too is a privilege not many receive.

It has been a time of new acquaintances (I would say friends but as I spent more time engaging with my computer than with people, at least I have come to know them better than before), of discovering new talents (like interpreting!), of pushing my limits, of trying something new.

It was also great to finally be on Sumatra! And I’m looking forward to visit some places I now have friends in. It has also been a time where I reflect and reconsider my calling, and while I still am unsure, at least I have more things I can consider, and a bunch of people I know I can talk to.

All that being said, I must say I am looking forward to being back in Geneva, and in a way also looking forward to being back in Indonesia in June for the GIT.

As I always have said at one point or another in one way or another, I shall go where the Lord leads me to, and do what the Lord wants me to do there, and rejoice in the Lord always.

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  1. Just finished your series. Never hated your piece of writing.
    Jfyi, i’m in bangkok having my frickin holiday.
    Just take care yourself, aiko widhidana sumichan.


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