Happy birthday, Dad!

Dear Dad,

I don’t know much about you, and I don’t remember much either. After all, the last time I saw you I was only two. Truth be told, I miss you, and I wish I was able to meet you again, but of course that’s not possible since you are no longer in this world. If you were, however, today would’ve been your 67th birthday, so: happy birthday, Dad!

I still have the teddy bear that you gave for my birth, so aptly named Teddy. He and his bunny friend Hawe will both be turning 28 this year, just like me! I think I still have a birthday card or two that was from you, and of course there’s is that Janosch book. The story of the little tiger who got ill and the little bear trying to help him get well. On the first page you wrote down “for Aiko, may she never be ill” or something like that, sorry Dad, I don’t have it memorized yet. These things however are my treasures, along with the few photos I have of me and you.

But what is more important than all that is that half of me as a human being originated from you, and I must say I’m so glad it did. Thank you, Dad, for loving my mother, and for loving me.

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