Meditating on Silence

Take some time to be silent…

Quite often it is hard for us to keep silent
as the world around us keeps busy
and noisy

We try, but after a short while we become restless
we wonder what will happen next
when will the silence end?
We feel uncomfortable with the silence

During the day, we go from one conversation to another
sometimes with other people
or with the TV
sometimes we have conversations with ourselves
shouting in our heads
or with the music we blast out our pocket MP3 players

We forget that in surrounding ourselves with so much noise
we fail to listen to voices that can only be heard in the silence

The silent cry of the oppressed
the plea of a friend hurting deep down inside
the small voice inside our hearts
our body’s request to slow down
and even the whisper
of God

Close your eyes as you re-enter the silence

This silence is a time of rest
it is our Sabbath before we go back to all the things we need to do today

In this silence our soul remembers
the graciousness of God
the blessings we have received

This silence is a safe and peaceful place

Give yourself permission to relax
the world and its troubles can wait as you stop to breathe

Let the silence heal you as you stretch your hand
and surrender your cares to the one who has saved you

And as you open your eyes
let the love of God flow through you
that you may share that love with others as you go forth to your day
as you listen
let the God of life lead us in the way of justice and peace

(as delivered at the Ecumenical Center chapel, 04.10.12, some references in the text taken from the readings and songs that were part of the order of worship)

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