Thank you God, for… (October 2012)

Here’s something I’m planning to do regularly… every end of the month/beginning of a new month, I look back at the past month and list down the things I am grateful about.

And here’s my list for October 2012:

  • My trip to Paris (16-20 October) — and all the elements that it comprised of, the lovely host and place to stay I found on airbnb, Paris Visite card and Paris Museum Pass, Disneyland with those moments when I didn’t even have to stand in line, magical moments of reflections, and the world’s best macarons (hint: they’re not Ladurée’s!!)
  • My new place to stay — the amazing way things worked out in such a short amount of time, random elements I just adore about it (like the rooftop window and the star I can see from my bed, the picture on the wall and the swing in the backyard), the fact that it’s still close to work and even closer to the bus stop than before, and the wonderful friend who helped me move my stuff 🙂
  • The friend who helped me move my stuff — for other moments shared with him as well, because they’re great moments.
  • Our Halloween party — cause it was my first dressing up for Halloween and it was loads of fun!
  • Friends, old and new — for the smiles and the tears, the hugs and the lessons learned. Got to spend time with friends who’ve been away and/or haven’t seen in a while, and/or had contact with friends not in Geneva, and then there are those who are here and always ready for a hug or spending time together. Also, a special mention for Aggy who keeps me sane by the sometimes insane chats we would have.
  • Babies! — cause I got to meet a friend’s little baby, and also got to play with a cute little baby on the train once.
  • The Chocolate Train — another trip I’ve been wanting to do that finally materialized.
  • Baking — made some of my best cakes ever early this month 😉
  • Serendipity — like the lovely day I spent in Vevey without it being planned!
  • Holy Cow! — the burger restaurant. Because it’s so awesome it deserves an honorable mention.
  • Getting a side job — was lots of fun and a great learning opportunity. Still waiting for the payment though, lol… that would actually be really nice to receive.
  • My new blog <3
  • Some new fashion items — in particular my Naf Naf boots and the striped t-shirt. Oh, and the lovely little white dress!
  • Extra opportunities to serve — like writing minutes for the meeting, finally going to choir rehearsal regularly, singing with the youth group, planning the retreat, and more.
  • Snow! — in October, it’s über special!
  • 8tracks — best music website ever. And all the songs I got to know because of it.
  • Health — because I was sick twice this month! It’s funny how you have to lose something in order to appreciate having it.

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