On Finding the One

I’m a hopeless romantic. This is an established fact. As such, I have always (ALWAYS) believed that you are meant to find that one person you’re supposed to be with. And yes, I do believe there is such thing as love at first sight. Obviously there are others who think the same way. Like Iain S. Thomas.


Now, if you know me long enough or well enough, you’ll know that as a result of being hopelessly romantic, I have also been hopelessly in love many many times before. I have thought that I’ve found the one — perhaps twice, maybe more — but obviously they weren’t. Here’s a little secret though: every now and then I think of the people I once loved and those who once loved me back and I realize they’re still there. The memories linger, there’s pain and sadness, and a lot of sweetness, and they’re all part of who I am today.

So maybe it is possible to find that one person… more than once in a lifetime. Maybe there’s someone you need to find for a particular period in time, perhaps to teach you a lesson, perhaps you needed that person at that time, perhaps they needed you instead. And then eventually you’ll find the person who would teach you lessons for the rest of your life.

How do you know if the person you just found is the one you’re going to spend the rest of your life with? Well, you don’t. But you will know that you found someone. You will know that this is the person you need to be with at the moment. Your soul will look at that person and see that they’re a missing piece of your puzzle.

It makes sense, even if it defies all logic. Even if you claim your heart skipped a beat when you first heard their name and you were overwhelmed with giddy emotions when you saw them on twitter and you were dumbfounded when you saw him and you acted completely awkward when they talked to you.

When you find this person, things will happen. You eventually have conversations. You see each other again. You feel comfortable in each others company. You realize you can talk forever with this person, about whatever you like. You could also just sit in silence and it wouldn’t be awkward.

You would miss them, you would kiss them. The first kiss might not be the best kiss ever but it was perfect nevertheless. You would want to kiss them over and over again. All over, no matter where, but you hold back as a matter of decency, or just to see if they would kiss you back instead.

You would want to know everything about them, you would want to know what they’re doing, where and with whom (when they’re not with you), and they wouldn’t mind answering. You would say I love you because your heart wants to scream it out loud, and they would say “I love you, too!”

It would be a lie to say that things will be happy and glowing all the time. You will argue, you will go through rough times, you will think you made the biggest mistake of your life, and realize nothing has ever been more right. You’ll whisper a prayer whenever you can, you thank God that you’ve found them.

And you go on on that journey with the person you found. Seconds, minutes, hours, days. If this person is the one you’re meant to be with until the end of your time, then this person will be there. By your side, even when you can’t be physically together.

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