On a Lighter Note

I’m posting this from http://ping.fm and I have to say I kinda like how it works. Although it doesn’t make sense much since I only ping this to Blogs, and I only set WordPress on blog. Duh. Plus, it will make all my entries Uncategorized and Untagged.

But hey, categories and tags make me confused anyway. Ping seems to give me just what I want. Ability to blurt out something when I feel like it, all by having just one window open. It also saves me the agony of thinking ‘now what do I need to update next?’ although of course I could’ve saved myself the trouble by NOT having so many social networking accounts. LOL.

I can’t help it though, I’m drawn to buttons saying sign up 😛

Responsibility Means Doing Something Correctly!!

So this Sunday I will have to lead the Sunday School teacher preparation class for next week (oh, isn’t it ‘wonderful’ being a theology student?? LOL. Naah, I actually really enjoy it. I think it fits me well.), and I spent the weekend, until yesterday, preparing notes about Mordekhai and Esther. THEN, this morning a fellow Sunday School teacher who coordinates the preparation class messaged me to remind me about my task, mentioning what I should be explaining about, AND…

Of course, I had wasted my long weekend preparing for an altogether wrong lesson plan. Duh.

Anyways… I just spent a few hours working on the correct one, and I’m kinda happy on how it turned out. Let’s just hope I don’t mess up anymore on Sunday. Godspeed.

Paper Toy of The Day #001


Paper Toy of The Day #001 – MiniMimmo! (download template here).

It’s actually a worldwide project of picturing Minimimmo all over the world. I’m thinking of taking him somewhere more iconic to send to the website though.

He was so freakishly hard to build (okay, I’m exaggerating a bit), mainly because he’s glueless and oddly shaped. I still wonder if I totally messed up his ears (or whatever those lil squares behind his head is supposed to be) cause everyone else in the gallery seems to have it in green (which is the opposite site). Although the illustration looks like it’s white (like mine). Oh well.

Oh, and a little bit about Paper Toy of The Day (PTTD for short), since I’ve gotten a bit paper toy crazy these last few days, I decided to limit myself to one paper toy a day, and post it here, of course 🙂
Disclaimer: I just might post more than one on any given day, though!